#mendingmarathon 2022: mending together!

Saturday April 23rd at 10-22 and
Sunday April 24th at 10-22 (UTC+3)

Let’s make mending trending! 

Let’s do this together! During Mending Marathon we’ll fix and mend for 2 days for 12 hours each day.

Extend the lives of clothes and items that are worn down and take action for a more sustainable future.

Check the corners of your closets and gather up those things in need of some tender loving care, also known as mending, repair or maintenance. Let’s fix them together!

The event is free and open for all.

Find the Facebook event page here!


Join us for a #mendingmarathon!

At the end of the Mending Marathon we’ll add up every mended and repaired item to a total number of mended items and celebrate our combined effort together. The more we mend the bigger the impact! 

Let’s make mending trending!

Prepare for the event with some practice runs of mending. Try it out solo or with a group of friends and share your mends to social media. Tag your post with  #korjausmaraton and  #mendingmarathon and we’ll count them towards our total!

"This Marathon is such an awesome event! I never get around to do any mending all by myself and with a family of five, there’s lots to repair."
Naurava Katja Verstaalla
A member of Verstas247 Craft gym

How to participate in  #mendingmarathon

  1. Communal repair sessions at Verstas247 – Join in!  Verstas247 in Kallio, Helsinki has its doors open and equipment ready for use during the event. Bring your clothes and items in need of a mend with you and join others for a communal mending session at the craft gym! 
  2. Host your own mending party – Gather your friends, acquaintances, and why not even friendly strangers and hold your own #mendingmarathon session wherever! Let us know in the Facebook Event page to help inspire others to join the fun.  
  3. Mend solo at home – as long as you mend it, it’s all good! If you can’t make it to a mending party, mend at home and post it on IG or Facebook with #mendingmarathon and make mending trending 
  4. Collaboration – Offer a deal for a repair service, hold a workshop or an open house, or maybe partake as an event sponsor. Use hashtags #korjausmaraton or #mendingmarathon.
    For more information, contact at info@verstas247.fi 

What can I mend?

  • Take in the excess length of a pair of trousers
  • Darn socks or your favourite pair of house slippers
  • Clean and polish your shoes
  • Modify clothing
  • De-pill your knitwear
  • Patch up kid’s clothes
  • Repair jeans
  • Glue together a broken item
  • Maintain your bicycle
  • Take your shoes to a cobbler
  • Anything else you can think of!

At the end of the day take pictures and draw a list of all the items you mended, then post your results to social media. That will be counted to our final score of things mended and repaired during the event, so we can celebrate our accomplishments and be proud of ourselves together!

#korjausmaraton #mendingmarathon

Repair - mend - modify

P.s. if you feel like you don’t know how to repair your things yourself or don’t have the required equipment, please feel free to share tips of any suitable partners or businesses that might be of use for maintenance or repair services.